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Virtegrety has over 25 years of experience in Industrial Maintenance Management, Controls Engineering, Spare Parts Management, and Purchasing, Most of that experience is in Automotive JIT sequencing environments so we fully understand how stressful it can be when your facility goes down for any reason. Virtegrety is here to make your life easier. We have a sense of urgency hard-wired into us and will strive to get you what you need as quickly as possible and with the best price. Contact us today and get your account set up so we can help you right away when the time comes and you need us.


Virtegrety offers industrial and commercial sales and consulting services. We also specialize in purchasing and sourcing hard to get items when you need them in a pinch. Let us ease the stress when you need something in an emergency. Is company policy making it difficult to buy those one-off items or preventing you from getting something needed in a hurry? We understand and will work with you to keep your business running when you need it most. We understand that some companies have policies making it nearly impossible to do business with certain vendors. Let us broker this for you.


Virtegrety also offers industrial maintenance and MRO consulting with over 25 years of experience managing industrial maintenance departments, setting up CMMS software, PM schedules, control engineering, spare parts management, line balancing, and purchasing in automated JIT sequencing manufacturing environments. Let us help you with professional consulting to evaluate your equipment for proper preventative maintenance schedules and reduce and/or eliminate costly equipment downtime.

Is your plant experiencing a lot of unnecessary downtime due to equipment failures? We have a proven track record of increasing up-time and have even sustained 99% up-time. We can evaluate your current preventative maintenance schedules and work with your maintenance team to help you put something in place which will increase your uptime and profitability. Just getting an outside perspective can be all it takes to fix an ongoing problem. Let us help you.


Is your MRO spare parts inventory out of control with wasted money sitting on the shelf? We can help and may even offer to purchase your unnecessary spares to reduce your inventory overhead. Put cash back in your pocket so it's not collecting dust on a shelf somewhere.


Do you have adequate spare parts to keep your equipment running? With decades of professional industrial mechanical, controls, robotics, and electrical experience, we can evaluate your equipment and help you put together the spare parts to keep your plant running. Even well-maintained equipment can fail at the worst possible times. Don't get caught with your pants down by not having the proper spare parts on hand.

We are also very proud to support First Robots by mentoring and donating supplies. We enjoy helping to empower our youth to build confidence and real-life problem-solving skills. It's a great honor helping to inspire students, schools, and our communities to celebrate science, technology, engineering, math, and hands-on skills with problem-solving skills, tools, and industrial machining equipment that most of the current generation will never know. These kids will be light years ahead of their competition when they enter college or the workforce.


We will soon be stocking common First Robotics supplies at a discounted price available for immediate pickup in the Kansas City area with no shipping charges. We will also ship anywhere in the continental United States with the standard shipping rate. If you would like to see certain items stocked. please let us know and we'll work on getting those items stocked and ready for the season.

Coming Soon! We are pleased to offer commercial-grade surveillance system sales, setup, and consulting for individuals and businesses alike. Businesses shouldn't spend ridiculous amounts of money to add surveillance cameras to your existing system or set up new systems. Homeowners shouldn't settle for gimmicky over the counter systems with wireless networks that can be jammed or intercepted. Get the real deal with a secure power over Ethernet (POE) system for less than you ever thought possible. We can make it happen and show you how affordable it is! While wireless systems may be convenient, they are vulnerable and not as secure as one might think.

Contact us today and get your account set up so we can help you right away when the time comes and you need us.

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